Is #MeToo being co-opted? If we had a strong press, we would already know the answer.

Of course, as is every kind of movement. Anything, no matter how truthful or noble, can be turned into a Trojan horse.

It doesn't mean a movement is corrupted. It means you have to be vigilant to the realities and separate one thing from another.

In times of chaos, there will always be those who use that chaos to manipulate things to their advantage.

Journalists are usually too blind to see it. They are always about rules.

Politicians, who made it because they know all about co-opting and exploiting, see the world very differently.

You have one, for instance, accusing the "Toronto elites" of hijacking the Ontario PC party to elect a new premier.

It is more than possible. Elites are not elites because they sit around waiting for the tide to turn in their favour. They had a can't-win leader, and I am certain sitting on the sidelines for the next five years is a horrifying prospect. You have more than just the Toronto "elites" salivating; you have had federal Tories coming in to fix the mess.

#MeToo can be easily misapplied. You always need guardians keeping watch on a movement, and in this case, there is no single overt guardian doing that.

If we had a strong journalism corps, the answer to that question would already be known.

But we don't, and what we have is conjecture.