Journalism's problems are its own.

Journalism could have been thriving. target1-247x300

There was no natural, inherent, or divine reason for its collapse.

It was not external factors that did it in.

It was internal.

When you have a profession with no standards, you have no foundation to build from it.

There is no core.

You do not truly know why you are there, what you are doing it, or how you are supposed to do it.

You have to wing it, meaning you have to fake it.

You have to appease people, backtracking when you tell thing things they do not want to hear.

Journalism has no mandate. It has no science. It means little techniques and tricks --feints and ruses -- to do its job.

It liberally lies on PR to do its research for them, and to set the narrative tone.

If journalism were a thing, that wouldn't happen.

It couldn't: because it would be a quest to gather and verify facts.

You don't take sides ideologically. You don't lecture people or tell them how to think.

You present facts. It is facts that tell the story.

You don't actually need a narrative; this is the power of facts: they do not need a fiction writer to spruce facts up.

Journalists looked at the art of storytelling, never the science of facts, never realizing their structural mendacity and intellectual indolence was going to do them in one day.

That day came and went, and we have no substitutions. There was a point of no return, even before November 2016, and journalists got cocky and greedy -- using all of their old feints and ruses, thinking no one would notice who they really were.

Some of us did see it, however, and got curious: how does an entire profession just not worry about their faults and vulnerabilities? How do they not think about tomorrow?

I went to investigate, and found out the why and the how of it. There are better structures of gathering facts.

Society still can have information, but it has to be done differently.

Because when it is done right, it becomes a creative force that builds and repairs -- not a destructive one that brings more toxicity to society.

It must be horrifying for US journalists -- their industry collapsed, as their other sectors are now roaring.

Which just proves it is not the economy or the Internet that killed journalism -- it killed itself first, and no matter how good the environment, a corpse just can't reap the benefits from it.

But there is no reason why a new life can't thrive from the bounty all around it...