Protecting the predator: If you cannot say anything truthful, don't say anything at all.

Hollywood actor has more than 500000 images of child porn. He gets caught. He is given a sentence. He kills himself. That's the trajectory of former Glee actor Mark Salling.

Imagine what those children had to go through. It will be with them until the day they die. They had no say in their lives, and are being traumatized and harmed, years after.


Many have gone out of their way to shield a predator.

Some media outlets are refusing to say some obvious things: that he killed himself. It's a fact. It's a brutal fact, but being forced into child porn is brutal itself.

Some UK outlets are calling the images "child abuse." It went way beyond abuse. It was child porn.

There is no dispute what happened. It was predatory. When your success or pleasure happens the expense of the suffering of others, you are not a nice person, but what does Salling's attorney do?

Issue a statement like this:

“Mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity, who was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment,” Salling’s lawyer, Michael Proctor, said.

No "gentle and loving" person has torture pictures, not one, not over fifty-thousand. You cannot atone for that -- ever. Once you feed a monster, you are responsible for that monster growing.

Nor is this some "mistake" or "error in judgement." A mistake is writing the wrong answer on an exam. An error in judgement is getting your philandering boyfriend's name tattooed across your chest right before he dumps you.

To get harmful images take work. You have to seek it out.

You have to hunt for it.

Salling hunted for those images. There was no mistake or error. That's deliberate and willful. He was under nobody's spell or power.

And yet, 2018, in spite of #MeToo, we have those protecting the predator at all costs, even in death.

Of those 50000, how many of those children were forever destroyed? How many gentle and loving people have had their lives forever derailed because people seek images of their trauma?

You are not being sensitive or understanding enabling people who have no qualms paying for those pictures.

It is always interesting how you have a group of people who run and hold the hands of predators, while completely ignoring the victims of abuse. Those victims are remain faceless and forgotten.

How does the world help those people? What can we do for them?

We never did figure out that it's the vulnerable and the wronged that need sympathy and attention. Protecting and making excuses for the ones who harm others only emboldens them before it destroys more lives in the bargain.

There is such a thing as right and wrong, and it would be a far more constructive thing if we learned the differences between them.

Salling's lawyer should have just said nothing. If you cannot say anything truthful, just don't say anything at all.