Memo to the National Post: For women whose careers were derailed by the men on the #MeToo hit list, there was no recovery. Why the Post is propaganda for predators.

This is a newspaper that has a genuine hatred for women. Their latest temper tantrum makes the assumption that the men on #MeToo are lost little boys who have been falsely accused.

There's no recovery, their resident propagandists whine.

For all those women who were terrorized at work and had their careers derailed and stymied, there was no recovery.

Funny whose side you choose to protect.

But Canada is a nation that is averse to both punishment and consequences. It has no sympathy for victims who disprove the narrative of a perfect place.

To the Post, all women are deluded liars. They make things up and are out to "get" these powerful men, who are all choir boys.

Which is ridiculous. The board is skewed, and men have every advantage -- and you still have those who that isn't enough: they put down women every chance they get because they feel threatened.

Journalism in Canada is in shambles precisely because of its inherent misogyny, and now it is trying to protect the last grain of a shell it has.

It is the reason the Canadian government should mind its own business and the that industry collapse.

We need another form of "journalism" -- one that is built from the very first step with true diversity -- from the inside and out, from the bottom to the top.

Because this article is not news. It's the reason we no longer have news.