Facebook proves unteachable: wants to put local news on newsfeeds. What could possibly go wrong?

When you want to be all things to all people. As I have said before, Facebook is not built for news.

You still have people believing this yarn is real, as innocuous as it is.

They have no idea of what they are doing.

If they could not handle national news, they cannot handle local news, where all those problems are there (feints, ruses, misinformation during political campaigns), only more of them.

Local news is susceptible to the same kinds of problems, and if Facebook was whumped before, they will get whumped again.

They are banking on local news being some sort of warm, fuzzy, folksy feel-good thing when it's not.

There is no structure in place and they have nowhere to find it. They are obtuse. They are used to collecting Big Data from users, and that's not the same as information gathering, verification, and dissemination.

Scandal is in their cards again.