Trust us; we're journalists: Why the old mantra rings hollow in 2018.

The Los Angeles Times just kicked their editor to the curb. His tenure was marked by all sorts of problems that hint that the paper needed to be the subject of several exposés because it was a dysfunctional machine.

Now take the Kelowna Capital News' chirpy adver-editorial that assures everyone that newspapers are your home team.

What do you take your readers for? A bunch a perky ten-year-olds? Who talks to adults in such a patronizing manner?

You are not "the home team" because there is no such thing. You are a newspaper, a business, not a public service.

There is no team here. There is no "us and them": you are paid to disseminate information, not play touch football with your readers.

How can you trust anyone with such a immature mindset?

You can't.

And journalism collapsed because of many factors, but one is that they never had any sense of their world.

The LA Times curried favour from the business end and it didn't work. Kelowna is a titch of a newspaper, but it is trying to kiss up to readers, and it's not working.

The big and the small alike have seen their influence vanish.

Because they lost their credibility.

An entire professional mindset has been broken beyond repair.

It has to start again, fresh from scratch with trust being earned.

And having information providers treat their audiences with respect.