Memo to the Ottawa Citizen: Here's how to protect Canadian democracy in 2018: Create a replacement for journalism. You made enough damage as it is.

Yet another Chicken Little threat from journalists disguised as an article. Ottawa_Citizen_logo

If journalism was so great, it wouldn't have collapsed. Reporters are squealing now, sounding like an abusive spouse -- sensing that the partner has finally figured out he has been cheating, lying, gaslighting, and threatening to hide the fact that the abuser is not worth keeping around.

You can't live without me!

Yes, we can. Journalism is a fairly recent invention. It is not the only way to information a public.

We use the same social media services that disseminate disinformation and foment hate. Our journalism sector is in crisis.

Yes, it is in crisis because it was run by arrogant and obtuse blowhards. What is Canadian journalism? Press release disseminators? Cheerleaders for Canadian-born celebrities who make it in Hollywood?

How many journalists go into PR? Or run for politics? How hard can you be on either safe outlet if you eye those places as career alternatives?

Now, it’s time to act. We need streamlined, trustworthy processes to inform the public when foreign information operations are occurring. We need serious reforms of campaign spending and other electoral regulations to address the digital interference by foreign actors. We need media platforms to better address hate speech and harassment online. Canadians must prepare themselves for campaigns that seek to turn us against each other as well.

And much of that hate came from journalists who skewed our perceptions of reality with a "good guy"- "bad guy" false narrative.

The number of lies and propaganda that has come from the press kept me busy as an author.

There are no facts in this piece: just appealing to self-serving authority drivel from the Public Policy Forum -- a paper so flawed that it is useless.

But the worst is that is article itself is advertising. It is not journalism. It is a plea for government money (so how hard will journalists scrutinize a Government Sugar Daddy?) by using sink or swim logic, and fear-mongering?

The innovations in the Senate are an excellent recent example of successful reform. By converting the Liberal senators into independents and introducing a selection process that emphasizes merit over partisanship, the Liberals have brought thoughtful and independent new voices into a previously sclerotic institution. The transition has not been without hiccups, but the net effect has been positive.

We ought to embrace that spirit of innovation wholeheartedly in 2018.

Kissing up to government to get some pity money from the federal regime? This is the reason journalism isn't trustworthy: always an ulterior motive for disseminating untested and unfounded dogma.

It is this scheming that shouldn't be embraced -- but rejected. Journalism in Canada is dead, and its fortunes are in Hell for a reason.

Because it outsmarted itself with its conniving and dishonest games.

And it's time a new form gets away from this horrible rot -- but never forgetting how journalism became unreliable so it never commits the same sins in its mission to keep the world informed and thriving.