Doug Ford wants to be Ontario PC Leader: Toronto journalists have a meltdown. Their loss of influence's name is Ford Nation. And their foil refuses to crawl under a rock.

Doug Ford made Toronto journalists implode today. 1480700_10152825466572387_2423317138546720393_n

For those not in the know, brother Rob and Doug Ford are to Toronto media what Donald Trump is to American media.

The proof of their death.

Toronto media went after Rob Ford with a nuclear bomb, and he was left standing. Had he not died of cancer, he would still be mayor.

Once upon a time, the press could have driven out anyone they did not like.

But then Rob Ford could smoke crack in a drunken stupor, and his followers would have said, "Awww, how cute!"

They hated the fact that they could not tell enough people how to think.

And the Fords -- whose followers call themselves Ford Nation -- have influence.

Those campaign posters were in Hamilton during the mayoralty election a few years ago -- with no Ford running in that city.

The Toronto Star must be in absolute meltdown mode -- the Fords are the bane of their existence, and that he can announce his intentions of running for something (the way John Tory was always running for something until he won the mayor's seat in Toronto), and people will back him.

Enough people? Enough to be a spoiler, yes.

Enough to show how much journalism in Canada collapsed and lost clout? Absolutely.

Patrick Brown was in over his head. He never had the mettle to be a serious power player. He is the small-town boy who made it so far based on rudimentary feints and ruses, but Rob Ford had far worse scandals, and he is still beloved among his Nation, even in death. Brown could not be chased away with a broom fast enough, because he is no match for the party's oligarchs.

The Fords are one. The Mulroneys are another. This is a rare coveted seat up for grabs, and the cutthroat games are just beginning.

And the best part for them all: journalists will not be able to alter the course of events. If Trump can get to the White House surfing on Twitter as he stuck out his tongue at the press, they can do the same.