Canadian#MeToo media meltdown madness continues: Rick Dykstra is out.

Maclean's had the piece that should have been published in 2014 when it happened. Canadian politics, like its journalism, has always been a Good Old Boys network, but now the rigs that once worked in their favour, have for the moment, at least, been compromised and are working against them:

Senior Conservative campaign operatives discussed dropping MP Rick Dykstra as a candidate in the 2015 federal election when they became aware of allegations that he sexually assaulted a young staffer the previous year.

The campaign decided to allow him to continue to run. He lost his St. Catharines riding and subsequently became president of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, a position he resigned on Sunday night, two hours after he received an email from Maclean’s outlining the allegations contained in this story.

Dykstra should have been kicked to the curb back then, but he not only got the blessing to run, but when he lost, he still got a cushy job with the Ontario Tories who knew all along:

A young Conservative staffer filed a report with Ottawa police in 2014 complaining that Dykstra sexually assaulted her after a party.

The woman, who was then in her early 20s, worked for another Conservative MP at the time, a friend of Dykstra’s. She spoke about the incident to her boss, several friends, an official in the party whip’s office, and finally hired a lawyer but the Conservative government did not take action against Dykstra.

The Patrick Brown Conservatives were throwing their weight around in the party, particularly with regards to the nomination process, parachuting hand-picked candidates, and the "head's I win; tails you lose" method showed.

For many men in politics and journalism in tis country, this is a very scary time: they honestly believed they were so cunning, all they had to do was stick together, intimidate the "competition", and create rigs that always ensured they got everything while shutting everyone else out of their seized little clubhouses.

They maligned anyone who spoke out at being abused, and kept their little cheerleaders hopping.

Then the tidal wave called #MeToo roared from the US, and proved those little boys weren't as brilliant as they thought they were.

Dykstra was a man who failed upward, and now he has managed to lose his position as his past has come back to haunt him.

Those in power in Canada are now in knots: they are like the smug and cocky kid who didn't study, and now has to sit in his own sweat, hoping the teacher doesn't call on him for the answers.

When one falls, all of his cronies and minors are out of a job and lose their protection, and in a country that has few media outlets and places to get a fat pay check with a lofty title, but actually have little to do, the prospects are terrifying.

Brown and Dykstra both got thrown under a bus, and now face a reality women who have been abused by men in power have faced for decades.

And those who supported these kind of players are left in shock.

We don't have to go much further than the US, where Woody Allen's sister has provided the latest conspiracy theory:

“I do feel that it’s an escalation,” Letty Aronson, Mr. Allen’s sister and longtime producer, said in an interview, calling #MeToo a tool that has been used for “ulterior motives.”

And propelling a mediocre and misogynistic propagandist such as Allen into mainstream acceptable had no ulterior motive, such keeping women in an unnatural place of subservience?

Right now, the sycophants are working overtime, trying to use their old tricks of terrorizing, slandering, maligning, distorting, bullying, and rigging to force a genie back into the bottle.

And this time, it is not working.

North America has a serious problem understanding that it is not normal or healthy to abuse women. It does not show how brilliant or strong you are.

It just shows that you are a stupid pig who needs constant supervision.

If you always have to manipulate and control your surroundings, you have a problem.

And now that the world has realized that they do not have to endure it, things are changing.

And it's about time.