War is deception. Journalists are soldiers. How to reinvent a profession that needs to liberate truth from lies.

The Art of War is an interesting book on how to win wars, and the backbone of the book is that war is deception. The 36 Stratagems of War is also a text the equates war with deception, and the key to winning is to trick your opponent with the right kind of lies:

Cross the sea without the emperor's knowledge.

Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west.

Create something from nothing.

Hide a knife behind a smile.

Borrow a corpse to resurrect the soul.

Tossing out a brick to get a jade gem.

Replace the beams with rotten timbers.

Point at the mulberry tree while cursing the locust tree.

Feign madness but keep your balance.

Deck the tree with false blossoms.

Those are just ten of the feints mentioned. People in positions of power win smaller wars because they have been practicing these stratagems.

They have been lying.

Puffing, exaggerating, manipulating, feigning, and just flat-out deceiving.

#MeToo has bypassed the Establishment checks and balances that have, over time or even since the beginning, been rigged to favour the status quo.

Journalism was, in theory, supposed to uncover these ruses to give the facts that show us an accurate picture of reality, and then the truth.

But journalists don't actually have any real training, and when push comes to shove, fall behind that excuse (as one Patrick Brown defender spluttered on Newstalk 1010 this morning).

They are trained to be stenographers.

Which means they pick a side and then regurgitate whatever a dominate side tells them to spew.

It wasn't always this bad, but now, it is out of control.

If journalists did their jobs right, then they would be well-trained soldiers fighting a war against lies -- but in such a way as their war would not be one of deception, but truth.

But to do that, they'd have to be detective soldiers -- they would be liberating truths from lies, illusions, propaganda, and even delusions.

That means journalism always needed their own war manual.

But they always shunned discipline and empiricism. Their professors never did their due diligence, and now thanks to the Internet, that glaring ignorance shows.

Willful ignorance has destroyed journalism. It's corrupted and tainted. You have journalists who are now vectors, spreading the disease of lies and misinformation on the public.

And they keep on doing it, denying what they are doing is harmful.

Spreading more lies inside lies.

A new form of information-gathering is desperately needed.

But it has to be by design, not by accident.

It has to have truth in mind and at heart.

Or else the disease of lies continues to infect every facet of our lives.