Los Angeles Times meltdown and why newspapers no longer matter.

Washington Post, another dysfunctional newspaper discovers it is not alone. There is a lot of paranoia going on these days.


Now it is a pity contest which paper is the bigger mess.

If US papers in such a disarray, you can bet Canadian ones are in a bigger disarray, except we have pseudo-feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau willing to force women against their will to fund patriarchal and sexist publications that no one wants to read anymore because they still do not know anything about that sector of the populace.

There are other methods of informing the public.

There are other venues and models we can use.

Newspapers were once the only way, and then radio, television, and Internet came along.

But then the entire model of journalism collapsed.

And now all of the dirty laundry is being aired out in the public.

Journalism failed.

And now we have to start fresh from scratch.

And let the rats on the sinking ship to devour each other as they drown.