Journalism's Pity and Fear tours: can't make a living being a reporter? Why not go on stage to scare the little people instead.

J-talks seem to be the rage these days, fear-mongering and threatening the little people to both be scared and feel sorry for journalists. Columbia Journalism Review is hosting one of these pity and fear talks, and they are calling the farce ONE DANGEROUS YEARThreats to journalism, from lawsuits to burnout.

It's nonsense, of course. Journalists destroyed their own profession. They spent last year throwing on epic and annoying Trump tantrum. They exposed themselves as sexual harassers, as if that was someone else's fault, and their sloppy reportage brought them their shame and ruin.

No one else.

And now since they cannot make ends meets doing their job (and they rarely ever could, since the pay was alway atrocious), they have resorted to these pity and fear tours.

Not worth the price of admission. You want to know the state of journalism?

I am already telling you how it happened and why. I have three books that outline the reasons as well as this website. I outlined it in my numerous articles over the years, too.

Everything else is just a self-serving excuse.