Canadian government to throw taxpayer money at a dead profession killed by dysfunction: Why newspapers will not be saved. Their system is broken.

This is actual a form of anti-democratic tyranny. You are not buying a newspaper, but you will be forced to anyway with your tax dollars.

It is like sending money on to the Titanic in order fix it.

You cannot fix it that way. The damage is done.

That is the absolute infantile illogic of the federal Liberals. I am certain they believe they are buying positive coverage and a vehicle to spread their sunny news, but really, newspapers are not closing for any other reason other than one:

People are not buying the product.

It is as simple as that. They are not even clicking on the free articles, either.

The newsrooms are abusive and dysfunctional, and have spread enough hoaxes and disinformation to be shut down.

You are merely saving a few jobs of a few reporters whose parents are in government.

I will tell you right now, it will not do a thing to resurrect the profession. It's already over.

If the government had been sincere about it, they would scrap that idea, and do something radical and new from scratch, funding studies in empirical journalism.

But when governments are run by people who stick to one little rule and are incapable of innovative and creative thought, money gets blown for no good reason.

And that's what is happening.

Plus, this ensures that Canada has no independent media -- it all government funded.

And Western society made fun of the Soviet Union and Pravda?

Why not just close all the newspapers but one?

It's the absolute same.

Congratulations, you just became what you hate.

And you still don't have a free press.