#MeToo lands in Canada. Two politicians out in twenty-four hours as some columnists have meltdowns. An interesting day, wouldn't you say?

I often wonder about those who come to defence of the #MeToo men so vehemently. Is it ignorance of the severity of sexual harassment, or perhaps there are people afraid their employer is going to get outed, fired, and then the defender is going to lose that job as a result? Or are they so used to workplace abuse that they think this is normal? I don't know nor do I care, but after centuries of women not being believed, the shoe is now on the other foot.

And there are journalists who are getting very nervous and agitated, but are trying to shift the narrative.

So well-trained are the defenders of the Men in Power, that they do not question their own fragmented narratives.

It's not fair! they cry with a straight face.


How is it fair to those women whose own traumas were disbelieved because they were up against a powerful, wealthy, and connected man? How fair was the Ghomeshi trial when he had a high-powered attorney, and the accusers had a not very savvy Crown prosecutor leave them vulnerable?

Let's not forget throughout all that trial, he never actually denied anything.

And, while we are on the subject, a fourth woman -- the one who was working at CBC, saw the writing on the wall and never actually got her day in court.

Why don't these defenders ever notice how women were unfairly treated by the court of public opinion?

Are Men in Power just little boys who need mommy journalist to stand up for them because they are incapable of standing up for themselves?

And why aren't we asking the hard questions: why do we need a court of public opinion in the first place?

Because every other institution we have has utterly failed. Journalism failed women. Governments and all their institutional tenacles failed women. Education failed women. Businesses failed women.

They never failed men. Oh, no.

Men are seen as visionaries and titans. That is a given. It doesn't matter if the slobbering is over Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Justin Trudeau, Barak Obama, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Kurt Cobain, or Mick Jagger, men have a far simpler time gaining that grit of traction.

We have had the Great Men Theory rammed down our throats for a long time. Sigmund Freud was revered for his misogynistic theories. Stephen Glass was a white hot reporter who just made junk up...but he got further in his career with his lies than any of his female colleagues ever got with writing the truth.

How many of these Great Men were openly -- and proudly -- abusive to their wives, children, siblings, and employees? How many of them stole ideas and money from others and were still icons and legends?

How many gossiped and spread rumours to destroy competitors? How many lied, cheated, stalked, and stole, and then they manipulated a public and got schools named after them and statues in their honour?

How many dark secrets have spilled out over time?

What happened?

One too many women were thrown under a bus and snapped, that's what.

One is too many, but the generations of abuse women have endured by superiors is vile.

There are too many who are going through it right now in silence.

And they are going to believe the accusations because life has been unfair to them for far too long.

And where were the dutiful little defenders back then?

Now these men need defending?

As if this doesn't go on all the time?

Have we already forgotten Dalhousie University's Gentleman's Club?

Do you know why accusers stay silent?

Because they still get thrown under a bus.

You don't like the court of public opinion, use a brain cell or two to figure out why it is being used.

Because every other avenue is rigged.

Because every other avenue doesn't take a woman's reality into its equations.

If you were capable journalists, you would have been reporting on that.

That hello! we have rules that don't actually serve every citizen equally.

For the first time ever on this planet, a rig seems to be -- for now -- working in women's favour. 

For once, crisis management teams, PR firms, lawyers, and image consultants are being stymied just long enough for someone to make someone else accountable.

No drudging up past sexual history as if that mattered. No having to sell the house to defend yourself or ward off combat from the experienced predator with a huge war chest who is out to destroy you.

Are there problems with #MeToo? Yes, a million of them.

But there were infinite problems with the old way of doing things.

So Patrick Brown got sucker punched.

He had a whole team of people who were close to him and worked for him day in and day out.

They all made a decision to walk.

No, the Brown downfall is not an affront to fairness.

Because fairness doesn't exist.

And no man is safe?

Really? And women were ever safe?

No one is safe.

Grow up.

Why is there #MeToo?

Because democracy failed.

Governments failed.

Corporations failed.

And journalists failed.

All this predatory behaviour isn't news.

Women endured until the day it all broke loose.

Had journalists been covering every ugly reality all along, things could have been changed for the better...and there would be no need for any of it.

#MeToo has now landed in Canada, and it already took down a pair of politicians in less than 24 hours.

All that unleashed anger is coming out now.

Anger that should have been dealt with decades ago.