More journalism failures: beme, SoCal News Group, and The Register-Guard.

CNN banked on Beme to bring them some new life. fb_card_1600x845

Didn't work. It couldn't. "Digital storytelling" is just repackaged self-important and pretentious drivel that seems brilliant only to the moms and dads of those shooting it.

The Southern California News Groups has let a lot of people go.

And the Register-Guard, that for ninety years was an independently-run newspaper, broke and was sold to GateHouse.

This trio of stories paint a very clear picture: the Millennials and their toys aren't going to save journalism because in terms of information, they are feral. Universities did not prepare them for information, but dogma, but they didn't realize what happened because journalism has for decades ignored them.

They were not blessed by Christopher Glenn, who had In the News on CBS, a news program geared toward children. (Yes, I watched this every week as a kid, you need to ask?)


Newspapers never geared towards children, and never included them in their stories in a hard news way.

We have a generation who understand spin, optics, opinion, and sophistry, but not facts, thanks to a large part to a press that is now as disconnected as the generation they neglected.

Well played, journalists!

So the future is bleak for journalism.

Then there is the Register-Guard, once one of the few independent newspapers out there, and they couldn't forge ahead.

So the independent media is equally sunk.

And, wow, California, what's wrong with you? Home of all those Botoxed celebrities who rant about the government like a bunch of old geezers...and yet, they do not support their local media.

Probably because they are too busy fighting off sexual harassment allegations and gossiping about Megyn Kelly.

Yeah, so no ray of light from a powerhouse state renowned for being a force in the communications industry.

Three strikes, children.

Journalism. It's not a thing anymore...