Memo to journalists: who cares what people think about Friends? The One Where Alexandra Wonders If Zombies Ate Journalists's Brains...Or Are The Journalists.

If there is any doubt that journalists are completely lost about the concept reality, here is one for the books. They are reporting that some Millennials are griping about a long cancelled television show.

Who cares? I never liked it the first time around. The fact I didn't like that show wasn't news. 

It's water cooler opinion.

If they don't like it, they don't have to stare at a computer screen to watch it, and they can leave the people who like it alone, as they run along and do something constructive.

I found old television shows twenty years before my time archaic. In fact, I find most current shows archaic.

It's not news.

But we have articles babbling about it here, here, here, and here.

As if this were a thing.

This is why journalism collapsed: it always had to talk about drivel, and then elevate it to the same level as hard news.

If some pretentious Millennials hate Friends, that is their problem. Maybe they don't have any friends, and cannot relate, yet cannot look away from the Netflix. Or maybe hate-watching is how they punish themselves for not achieving the level of greatness mom and dad told them they'd achieve since the psychic told them the kid was an Indigo Child. They can rant and be offended on Twitter as if anyone actually cared about strangers's tastes in bygone disposable sitcoms.

Yoo hoo! They didn't make that show for you! Stop meddling in other people's opinions, or you'll be washed up like journalists!

Let them know what they think is enlightened now will be exposed as equally offensive and primitive rubbish by me and their offspring twenty years from now.

And you know what?

It still won't be news.