Journalism's paranoia and why they have lost their perspective: how can they cover reality when they are this far gone?

The Globe and Mail has decreed there is hatred for journalists, and it is only a matter of time before they are, I don't know, all rounded up and shot by some Trump supporter. CNN, too.

Meanwhile, the kids at the Washington Post are all in a tizzy because they want more money, and they are being told they are lucky to have jobs at all.

Nowhere in these pieces is there a consideration of what journalists did or didn't do to find themselves in this quagmire.

Why have they (a) enraged, and (b) alienated the public?

But when you come from a position of being perfect, you can never admit wrongdoing.

Bloomberg adds to the delusions, by saying it is high time that journalism counterattacks social media giants.

You lost the war. You have no public goodwill left to do that.

Besides, you forget that the public are all out to get you.

It seems journalism keeps waging a war with everybody.

The White House, tech companies, the public, everybody.

And they keep losing.

Because they have lost the ability to judge reality and truth.

Had they stuck to finding and presenting facts, this wouldn't be a problem.

People could make use of those facts they way they needed, without the patronizing meddling.

But that's not what happened.

There was always an arrogant tone of reporters that spoke down to news consumers, presenting more opinion and fluff over time.

It damaged the profession's credibility.

So we are left with finger pointing and vast conspiracy theories instead of news.

And it is a tragedy.