Ideological intolerance and how it turned journalism into high school.

Megyn Kelly doesn't think like other women, and in journalism, women are allowed to think only in a certain way. Ann Curry accused Kelly of not doing journalism. But here was Curry, who admits she knew about Lauer, and when she was unceremoniously dumped on national television, she could have done journalism right then and there. Her career was damaged anyway, and she could have done an impromptu exposé on the spot.

Except I do not blame Curry for not doing journalism when she was sucker punched, but her reaction was to retreat. Kelly's is to fight.

And for fighting back, the threats begin.

Oh, bookings to Kelly's show will be harder!

Fewer shallow, thin-skinned pseudo-celebrities who will shill their lousy Netflix show? Good, perhaps we can give a platform to other kinds of people.

NBC is stunned that a woman stood up for herself!

Yep, because they are supposed to just smile and take like the female staff at Today did when Matt Lauer was terrorizing them.

The View women slammed Kelly!

And a rival network slamming someone from the competition is completely unheard of? Nice try. They didn't like their own panelists, either. So they don't invite her to their birthday parties, boo hoo. That's not news.

Kelly's setting up a "rogue" state by attacking Fonda!

Good. About time. Why don't you let people know that celebrity interviews are often prepackaged by movie studios, or the questions are vetted beforehand. Journalists are not supposed to be cozy with people they are interviewing.

Journalism became bland with a lack of ideological diversity. We have partisan outlets, but no diversity of thought. Kelly doesn't fit a pattern, and journalists despise anyone they cannot predict and control.

It's not your job to predict or control. Your job is to get facts.

And the Fonda Incident shows just how unteachable journalists are: they were slobbering over Hollywood players for decades...the same people who were outed as predators.

Okay, we now know they should have not slobbered over people in that industry.

What happens five seconds later?

They get on one of their own for not slobbering over a Hollywood player.

So nice to know an industry is teachable.

But Kelly is a woman, and journalism does not get them. At all.