J-Schools never got it. They never will.

The University of Berkeley revamped the curriculum, but one look tells a very sad story of academic obliviousness. The student paper issued a press release-style article, which tells you these students aren't cut for real and substantial change.

The article starts of making assumptions and not questioning a thing:

The journalism department tested out a new curriculum focused on student needs and industry expectations this semester.

Student needs? What does that actually mean? Industry expectations? What does the industry expect? Where is Kardashian Coverage 101?

The industry has collapsed. The industry has allowed too much misinformation and lies to permeate through the information stream. The curriculum is window-dressing that doesn't revolutionize or innovate, nor does it actually address what the profession needs to rebuild itself. It's repackaged pabulum, nothing more, and the fact the in an Internet-world of 2018, students are writing perky advertorial instead of using those temper tantrums they have relabelled outrage to demand real change.

This is trash, nothing more, and that we have university student incapable of seeing it is cause for genuine alarm.

Don't expect miracles from Berkeley j-school grads. If they buy this bill of goods, they'll buy anything.