The Enigma of North American journalism: there are no heroes in their tales.

The Guardian, generally, is a very good newspaper, but it doesn't always get North American mindsets. Such as this article discussing press freedoms and its opening shows its naiveté:

Independent journalism holds the unaccountable to account and shines light on the darkest corners of our world. It seeks to inform, to ignite, to inspire and to spark debate. Yet in one of the traditional bastions of a free media – the United States – that is under threat.

That would be true if North American journalism was functional. It isn't. It hasn't been for a very long time.

I have always said journalists are soldiers fighting a war to liberate truth from lies. The problem is journalists have no idea what truth is nor what is reality. If they had, they wouldn't see their fortunes collapse.

The press has spread lie after lie. We have Stephen Glass spewing lies outright. We had Judith Miller tell the world about nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction. The press told Americans about Iraqi soldiers killing Kuwaiti infants. They never bothered to tell the world the role PR played in the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. They assured people about the economic soundness of Enron and WorldComm.

We cannot ignore the numerous errors the press spread in 2017 in trying to convict the American president in the media. These were not minor flubs.

I wrote books on the extent of the rot in the profession, and I had to leave more out than I could put into my books.

The problem becomes when a profession is that perpetually irresponsible, they leave themselves vulnerable to their enemies. They lose public goodwill. They lose strength, and often, the detractors have every right to shut down a troubled industry.

The biggest enemy the press in North America have at the moment is themselves.

As it stands, journalism needs a revolution within before it can worry about those who oppose them. The extent of the rot is too big ignore, and defending a profession that needs an intervention will do no one any good.