More proof that Facebook doesn't "get" news, let alone information verification. Really, guys. Pander to your users some other way that won't annihilate the information stream.

Facebook doesn't get news, information, journalism, or facts. 2000px-Facebook_New_Logo_(2015).svg

They are going to deem a news site's "trustworthiness" by surveying their users.

Do these users have first-hand knowledge of the publications? How to gather, verify, and analyze data? Are they trained? Have expertise? Have direct knowledge of the publication, the stories, or the methods?


So how does this method do anything?

It doesn't. It is relying on amateurs doing work for free.

Not very professional at all.

And how is this different than the status quo, in essence? People post articles they think are trustworthy on their newsfeeds, and you see them in the Trending sidebar.

Remember all that to-do about "fake news"? Who put those articles up there, commented, and shared them?

Facebook users!

Facebook is treating news like the old game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, using the "Phone a Friend" or "Ask the Audience" lifelines to make decisions.

This is a company that is clueless about information, as in, knows zilch. Nothing.

And it glares.

Facebook should just get out entirely. They cannot handle it. They can handle other things, and should stick with their strengths.

News has always been their weakness, and they can't fake it.

This method is an outrage to anyone who cares about quality information because this makes an already bad situation a farce.