World leader pokes fun at dead profession: Fake News Awards get reporters in a tizzy. They really have bigger worries right now.

The American President must be having a field day. Fake News Awards are rubbing the press's collective nose in their numerous and embarrassing errors their veterans committed in the first year of the presidency of a political neophyte.

2016 was hardly the only bad year journalists had with reporting truths. I wrote an entire book about all of those transgressions.

And many more happened since publication.

I was just listening to Newstalk 1010 where the host had some peculiar misconceptions about what is a hoax. When someone mentioned the Hijab hoax as an example of fake news, he tried to distance the press from that blunder by reasoning that the Canadian media merely reported what police told them.

It doesn't matter who is the source. Journalists are not supposed to be mere stenographers.

So, yes, it still counts as fake news.

But journalists have a hard time admitting wrongdoing. There is always an excuse. They honestly believe that if they deny their flaws, then they cannot be held accountable for them.

First, if you cannot own up to your failings, you have no right to pick on anyone else for failing. If you are not responsible, then they are not responsible.

Second, it is a lie. You become a vehicle for propaganda, and then think that being a proxy absolves you of responsibility. If you harmed people that way, it doesn't matter if you are a pawn or puppet master: you have made damage with your games.

Finally, journalism has lost credibility. They want solutions, but will never get them so long as they cling on to lies.

All the American President has to do is remind the world how badly the media has screwed up, and then their work becomes meaningless.

Not all outlets are blind to what is happening. The Intercept almost had the right idea months ago. Journalists are collateral damage, meaning they actually have no more cards to play.

They still don't get the fact that they lost the war. They don't understand that they have lost.

The fake awards stunt is not another lob: it is a reminder that journalism has become a joke because they lost.