Welcome to 2018, Facebook!

They had to be pushed into it, but they finally have their first black board member. I mean, do they ever take a look at their own website? Do they notice a racially diverse crowd out there?

This is the reason we have wobbly institutions to begin with: they are not built with the whole in mind.

I will take a different example: jobs are not created naturally for women with families. The default assumption is that childless young men are going to fill those spots. The entire set-up caters to them and is rigged to them. The after-the-fact patching up is much harder and less natural than the base assumptions.

Now that doesn't mean women can't and don't succeed, but it would be a whole lot more profitable for everyone involved if companies assumed their workforce was going to be people with families working for them. There would be a different natural set-up, and a whole lot less grief, with profits.

The same holds true when we are talking about race: we'd have a lot fewer problems if institutions went in with the assumption that racial diversity was the given, not the "oh yeah, the planet isn't just about white people" realization.

For all the talk that social media is future-forward, it is things like this that remind us that isn't quite true. They are also stuck in the past, and we need to consider nurturing visionaries who see reality and truth in equal measure.