Memo to the CJFE: You are hypocrites. And propagandistic, fear-mongering beggars. You are not journalists. Not at all.

You would think an organization called Canadian Journalists for Free Expression would be advocating free expression. CJFE_Logo_withtext

But Canada is what is on the other end of Alice's rabbit hole; so you know where this is going.

They had an "anti-Trump" petition going on underneath their begging for funds.

This is the very meaning of lunacy.

The original page has shown they have removed the petition and subsequent excuse for it. Google, as of this writing, still kept the original copy, but as I could not use on the page, given that their shake down for funding their hypocrisy doesn't come off the page, I have saved a copy in PDF here.

This organization obviously does not know what "free expression" actually means:

We shared the petition because we legitimately believe that Canada's diplomatic actions should be consistent with promoting and supporting press freedom internationally. There is a very real need for Canada to use all available handles, including diplomatic pressures and sanctions to resist the rise of authoritarianism not just in the United States but around the world. This is something CJFE firmly believes in and will always advocate for.

Free expression means you are allowed express yourself freely, even if your thinking is completely different and contradictory to what other people think. I do not care whether or not you like the American President, but he was democratically elected by millions of Americans. They freely expressed their wishes at the ballot. You may not like their expression, but I can guarantee you that they aren't impressed with your expression, either.

Journalists in Canada have seen their profession collapse. Not just shrink, but implode. They are so ill-trained, that an 11-year-old kid can fool them. With ease.

Dear CJFE: you have no profession. None. You have been reduced to writing drivel, sometimes a sad article that Gord Downie died, and he was a far better journalist as a singer than you ever were as a trained chronicler.

You are begging for money all while fear-mongering with propaganda, and that is an absolute disgrace. Demanding the Prime Minister bar a democratically elected leader from our country is akin to dictatorship.

No one should be surprised why Canadian journalism became inert: because people in the industry had no idea what a journalist was, or what free expression truly meant. It is all about following lockstep to someone else's untested decrees, all while silencing voices who have the brains to ask questions.

The petition is pathetic on every imaginable level. You would think that journalists would be fighting to include all voices, not just the ones they agree with.

Because a journalist's mandate is not merely allowing those who share their opinions to speak. They are supposed to be chroniclers of reality, and the reality is that we have all sorts of people on this planet with all sorts of different ideas.

As a journalist, there were all sorts of people I did not agree with on a personal level: I still gave them a chance to express themselves freely without passing judgement or editorializing as I insinuated that I was superior to them. That wasn't my job.

My job was to relay the facts and let readers make decisions themselves. I learned tolerance and humility that way, but the CJFE is as arrogant as an organization can get, and hubris is incompatible with journalism.

And with a single petition, they proved far more tyrannical than the object of their burning hatred.