Is Google passé?

I ask because if my stats are to be believed, I get almost no traffic from them anymore. Google-Logo-1998-V1-2

This, if my stats are accurate, has been a banner week for this website, and the best I have had since 2013 when I started this venture.

Once upon a time, the vast majority of my traffic came Google.

Now, almost none.

Yahoo gives me by far the most traffic, and then Bing. Duckduckgo (a site that states it doesn't track its users) is now a solid third, and ever increasing.

But Google? The last week only six hits from them, and that's two more than the far smaller Qwant that netted me four. That's negligible. Either their algorithms don't like me (and considering that I source my work, that shouldn't be a problem, nor am I someone who affiliates myself with any political ideology, meaning there is no excuse), or they are not as go-to as folksy knowledge dictates.

Just asking.