Memo to The Outline: Facebook does not need you. It just cut off dead weight. How sunny-spinning destroyed an industry.

The Outline has a silly piece of sunny dreck that defies logic and facts. Q8l4G9wE

It is one of those online projects that has lofty goals, but no clue about what is actually happening around it. It makes the same destructive mistakes traditional media makes, but even more so.

Putting a sunny spin on Facebook cutting journalism is not going to make things better. Facebook did the math and realized people care more about the food their online contacts are eating than what is happening in their local city hall.

They care more to see Star Wars trailers or what faded rock star died than the number of child prostitutes are being tortured on their streets.

Facebook is feel-good banalities and soapbox venting. In either case, you do not need journalism to sustain it. Silly quizzes can thrive. Inspirobot, too. Make yourself look like a character on Family Guy or find a painting that looks like you, terrific.

Journalism got in its way and gave it a black eye with the notion of "fake news".

Or the Hijab Hoax. How embarrassing it was to rant against the mean old man who took scissors to a little kid's headscarf...and then you find out it was a hoax.

Facebook figured out that news is not the future because the current model is nonfunctioning and publications such as The Outline does not do anything differently.

It is the reason why journalism failed: it spun every bad omen as a positive event until the entire industry expired from rot. Stop seeing rot as a good thing. See it as rot so you can make a plan to overcome the rot.

As someone who spent her entire adult life chronicling journalistic rot, I can say that had journalists been realistic, they could have turned the profession around, but the arrogance was so overwhelming, people like me who outlined the problems in order to offer a solution were dismissed.

So, while the Outline continues to cuddle with yet another bad turn for the profession, the rest of us don't have to mindlessly follow the same destructive path.