Journalists, know thyself first. You have no relationship with facts. That is the reason you no longer have a profession.

The Miami Herald has a self-image problem. facebook

Namely, they think they are perfect princes and princess who do no wrong.

A recent column struck me as peculiar, particularly this passage:

Well, in the years since I prescribed that remedy, Snopes and Politifact have come of age, and newspapers and TV news outlets have beefed up their fact-checking operations. Indeed, fact-checking has become a minor industry.

Snopes? You use the amateur outfit as an example? And for all the cottage industries of unqualified shysters pretending they know facts, so many lies have made it into media product that the accusation of "fake news" is a real one.

When a kid with no life experience can bamboozle the press around the world, you can be sure that fact-checking in the media is a sham.

Even the headline for this silly diatribe was pompous:

Journalists give you the facts. You just have to have the courage to realize it

No, they don't. They don't give us the facts. They give us press release, PR spin and opinion dressed up as if they were facts.

I'd love to see facts in the media product. Parroting what a government or political party tell you is not reporting fact.

That's stenography.

For all those decades of slobbering all over Harvey Weinstein, did we get the "facts" about him?

Not a chance. It took the pained son of a maligned actress to grab the mantle of journalist and do it instead.

And didn't your "facts" tell the American people there was supposed to be a sure thing by the name of Hillary Clinton in the White House?

Kardashians aren't facts; they are a freak show. Star Wars movies aren't facts; they are advertising.

I wrote an entire book of all the non-facts journalists give us, and then another one and now another.

I could write an entire library of books on all the non-facts journalists have spewed that corrupted the information stream.

And that is the problem: journalists do not know what facts are. They do not know how to find them, analyze them, verify them, or disseminate them.

Academics know facts, but they are too confined in jargon and muck to translate those facts to a public in a meaningful and timely way.

The world needs facts, but they aren't getting them. They are now recreating their own alternative facts to try to explain the world, and it's making people hateful and afraid.

You need a different kind of training and understanding of the atom of reality and truth.

Journalists can be in denial all they want: the truth is they have made one mistake too many, and they have never faced the demons that devoured their profession into oblivion.

But it's not too late to start again. With real facts, this time.