The Great Canadian Communications Meltdown: Atwood exposed. Media credulous. What can save this nation's communications fortunes? How about an intervention.

I have said it many times over the years that Canada's publishing and journalism industries were in far rougher shape than in other nations. This is no time for soliciting awards. The product is not good.

This is no time to beg for government funding. Nothing will change if the government keeps the sinking ship afloat a year or two longer.

How bad is it?

When an serially outed, but never fired serial plagiarist wants to weigh in on the Canadian communications industry, you know it is as bad as it gets.

But let's recap:

Margaret Atwood, defender of privileged white male abuser and enabler of Left-wing victim mentality wallowing, isn't getting applause these days. The Canadian literary community was always sheltered by the government and crown corporation CBC, and they were big fish in a small aquarium.

So no new wonderful schools of writing ever came from here. We have universities, such as UBC and Concordia who have faced their own scandals with how female students are treated, hardly what one would call bastions of progressive values. The University of Toronto, the ones who got handed to them the country's largest independent publisher couldn't hack it and had to wave the white flag to Random House who bought it.

It's a hot mess, but journalism is in rough shape, too.

Publications are folding, and when the ones who are still around make global fools of themselves with a hoax perpetrated by a child, and then unfounded and equally unconfirmed conspiracy theories make the humiliation into a total farce, we have to admit there is more than just a problem or a crisis.

It's a total nuclear meltdown.

It is not as if there is no talent for creating content. There is a gigantic void in both finding new structures and methods of doing it. The universities have proven useless and dense. You can show them the facts and present alternatives, but forget it.

They do not care if none of their graduates are employable or will have a job in the profession after graduation or will be able to make a living from that degree.

The publishing and media industries are also tone deaf to reality.

They all need an intervention.

Or this country is due for a revolution.

The hijab hoax endangered a child as it decimated the last shred of journalistic credibility. Atwood drove a big nail in the publishing coffin with her perpetual obliviousness. She cannot rant against the Establishment as it was that very Establishment that sheltered her entire career.

For the next generation of writers of fiction and nonfiction, they need a new frontier.

They need a structure that can stand changes in media. They need a structure that builds a solid foundation, but not a static one.

I have spent my entire life studying and building new methods so that these professions can actually thrive in good times and bad.

But hey, I am writing while female -- and being taken seriously in this country as a woman is an ordeal.

You can be a feminist Prime Minister -- so long as you are a rich white male with connections and nepotism working for you.

But there is a war to fight, and I am a one woman army paving the way the best I know how.

One word at a time...