Nieman Labs doesn't get it. There is no more journalism. This is not a drill.

Journalists do not know which way is up anymore. hawaii-missile-alert-740px_0

When the skits of Saturday Night Live make weekly news, you know a profession is fubar.

Nieman Labs churns out dreck, wondering if citizens will ever look at news articles now that Facebook has realized it's no longer a thing.

Or putting a sunny spin on the fact that the profession is so messed up and so broke, people with no training are covering events.

Journalism hasn't existed in a long time, and people got out of the habit.

So they don't want news anymore.

But PR firms and their ilk didn't stop their siege, and they gave people something else.


And now, that's what people want. More propaganda.



It has become a habit. An addiction.

Propaganda is the crack cocaine of thought.

Once you are incited, you need another hit to sustain the high of hatred and fear.

You need to explain why your life is in shambles, and why the adrenaline is so high.

You need someone to blame and to hate.

You need someone to lecture with your outrage.

And someone to feel superior to because you have to be on top of the pecking order.

Journalism was supposed to be the checks and balances that made sure rationality and logic stayed in the equation.

That there was balance and understanding of how the world works, and how human nature works.

There is no longer journalism because we do not have a press that is rational.

We have inciters. We have haters.

When the New York Times now solely operates on shrill mode, you know they have lost the game, the battle, and the war.

And Nieman Labs is useless.

Because they do not see that journalism is no longer a thing.