All the Money in the World, but still no clue: Hollywood is "shocked" by decades-long pay disparity? Really?

The Associated Press obviously does not have critical thinkers on its writing staff. Associated_press_logo-1038x576

I mean, how else does an article like this one ever make the light of day?

The movie All the Money in the World has gotten more publicity for exposing all of Hollywood's ugly guts than the actual movie.

First, Kevin Spacey was kicked to curb when his very bad behaviour got him a place on the #MeToo Hitlist.

They scrubbed him out, and the actors had to come back and reshoot.

Except man actor got two million dollars more than woman actor.

Man actor, knowing Hollywood is a mean place that likes to kick actors to the curb, made sure he got paid. Woman actor, on the other hand, who was repped by the same agency, never got the memo, and so she ended up with a woefully smaller cut for her time.

But to suggest that Hollywood is "shocked" by the pay disparity between men and women is an utter joke. We know how that business treats women.

We know how Hollywood treats women.

How could anyone in that business not know?

I knew, and I don't play in that sewer because it reeks from over here.

And this all happened after Hollywood pretended to get the enlightened memo.

It's all talk.

But AP shouldn't go with their standard "Well, goll-ee!" narrative, unless they have evidence of some severe outbreak of amnesia over in that neck of the woods.