The Sins of Omission: How journalism keeps missing the obvious and letting women down. In 2018.

Journalistic narrative is the profession's greatest sin. In Hamilton, at least, there should be, by now, the greatest scandal with people marching in the streets.

But the reporter who stumbled upon something horrendous, adds a link, and no one is struck by the seriousness of what had been told to him.

Grim City Tattoo Club is a tattoo parlour in Hamilton, Ontario, and it is doing something very noble: providing no questions asked free laser removal.

The club was inundated with over seven hundred fifty requests and I am certain the tally has gone up, but this is the quote that should send shock waves through this country:

A lot of them have been through severely abusive relationships, where boyfriends and stuff have branded them with their names, or basically 'property of.' There's been a lot of people who have had tattoos done in horrible situations, like human trafficking, they've escaped, and now they're stuck with these symbols.

You have a source that has, through a genuine good deed, stumbled upon modern slavery. She has hundreds of emails, and even if 1 percent are from women who were branded during their ordeal, that's still a disturbing number, especially as these would be people who escaped, and it is safe to say there are more who didn't flee than those who did.

The reporter merely offered this link.

How about pursuing the story on just how many women in Hamilton are slaves? Sex slaves, or just work slaves.

True North strong and free?

With that many women branded like cattle?

We have a city in North America that is allowing women to be branded and enslaved.

In 2018.

How many in Toronto? How many in New York or Los Angeles?

This is highly disturbing.

And yet the narrative is just about the club.

I have no issues with that, but this was a preface to something far more sinister in one of Canada's largest cities.

The CBC missed the obvious. This is enough to have more than one journalist on a slavery beat.

How many are foreigners lured and then trapped? How many are teenagers who were thrown out of the house, only to be placed in even greater peril?

We have a prime minister offering to legalize weed, but for all his bluster about being a "feminist", what is he doing about this?

He is capable of responding to local travesties, as he did when an 11-year-old girl told police a grown man cut her hijab on the way to school.

What about all the women getting confined and branded by their abusers?

This is a crisis. This is an absolute crisis, and yet it has already been forgotten.

And they say #MeToo has gone too far?

Nice try.