Omoiyari: The concept journalism forgot.

I always said journalists are soldiers in an intellectual war. Journalists are supposed to liberate truth from lies so people can see reality. But divas got into the profession, screwing it up to the point of killing it.

You do not tell people what or how to think. Liberate the truth.

You cannot be an information-gatherer unless you understand that you are working as a soldier.


Otherwise, get the hell out.

To be a good information fighter, you need to understand two basic concepts, and both originate from Japanese culture.

The obvious one is the Bushido Code.

Considering how vindictive, abusive, and petty those in the profession can be, noble soldiers they are not.

But there is another quality that sorely lacked in that profession.



Altruistic compassion.

You cannot be an information-gatherer without it.

The trouble is North American journalists scoff at it, thinking it is some form of gullible idealism.

But it is the most important quality an information-gatherer must possess to be of any worth.

Spreading lies and hate muddy our focus, and we can never find the solution because we do not know what the actual problem is. You understand the long-term consequences of being an egomaniac who spews whatever you think will work to bolster your agenda, and so, you fight to find the truth as it is.

And that lack of that compassion starved that profession to death.