Memo to David Frum: Donald Trump did not turn America into a headless giant. Journalists did.

David Frum's grasp of reality may not be all that. Blaming one man for the sins of an entire dead profession is just rich.

The Great Man theory in reverse.

One person who makes all of the difference.

No, journalists never wanted to do the hard, dirty work of finding information without the deceptive narrative.

Learn to deal with that thing called consequences.

Journalists and pundits need an intervention.

Tell their credulous lapdogs to learn to think for themselves for once in their lives.

They need to stop blaming Trump and start writing letters of apology to news consumers.

Just tell them you failed.

Just say it.

Just say you screwed up a profession to death.

It's the truth.

And reality.

Tell the little people what you really think of them.

And to stop plastering Facebook with their sad little propaganda posters.

They need to hear it.

They need to see they are not actually informed.

They can vent on Twitter for awhile.

And then see that venting is just hot air.

And they still know nothing about their surroundings.

We need an alternative to journalism.


One that does not look for scapegoats, villains, or blame.

Facts would be nice.

Scientific methods would be even better.

There are no monsters, just people.

And if journalists ever did their jobs, they would inform the public of that fact.

So they could grow up and deal with it...