Donald Trump, Denny Crane, and why the media -- and Hollywood -- got the president they so richly earned.

Shut up, news media. Shut up, New York Times.

And Hollywood, too.

Especially Hollywood.


Denny Crane.

Denny Crane.

Denny Crane.

You glorified the behaviour.

You made it seem very with it and cool.

You paved the way.

So shut up.

Now, you see the thing called Long Term Consequences.

When you had women pitching ideas with dignity and intelligent class, you haughtily turned it down.

Using lawyers to shoo feminist ideas away from you.

So now, deal with it, you arrogant and ignorant gynophobes.

You made this mess, so man up.

Or at least have the ovaries to tell the world, you glorified bad boy behaviour.

Can you be honest for once in your miserable lives?

Can you see what you have done?

No, most likely not.

So let me say two words to you.

Denny Crane.

You are ugly, ugly soulless twits.

Now you throw yet another temper tantrum.

Forget it. I am not buying what you are selling,

You know why?

Denny Crane.

So shut up.

Deal with it.

And while we don't expect written apologies and overtures with substance, you know you earned everything coming to you now.


Yes, well, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You always had to make it hard with those who had quality.

And dignity.

So just suck it up.

Admit you made the storm.

And ride it...