Exploit and Punish: How journalistic predators operate.

Metafilter's discussion is here, with more links than the one I am providing here and here. But Harper's was never a very good magazine.


And now the anonymous author of the Media Men list has been forced to out herself before the magazine was going to out her, though other women in the industry tried to protect her identity.

The list was an underground warning signal to other women in the industry, not truly meant for public consumption. In the grossly unequal power balance in the communications industries, the list was a small weapon.

When #MeToo gained traction, so did the list, but now its author has been outed.

The press first got lots of stories reporting about the fabled list...and then, when it went as far as it could go, the secret author was exposed.

Exploit and punish to ensure another whistleblower does not come forward to challenge the tyrants. It has been a very old war tactic, and it continues to this day. I am certain there will be reprisals for the list, but really, why should there be?

If you are sick and weak enough to attack underlings to pretend to be strong, then you should go public with your wickedness because why be ashamed of it?

Oh, that's right: it would show the world just how weak and incompetent you really are.

The episode is a vile one, but typical of how predators in the industry operate...