Covering petty little tyrants in Canada.

This is a CBC News story about the temper tantrum a Dundas Tim Hortons' is throwing because they have to pay their workers a little bit more money. Mind you, there are two locations in Dundas, and both were packed today.


I don't go into one of those dives. I am not a fan of Tim Hortons, and they are not getting rich from me.

They have a chokehold in hospitals, for instance, and the lineups there are very long.

But back to the story about how the Dundas location is no longer allowing workers to sample gross Timbits or get a paid break.

The weeping and wailing from the franchise owners is proof that when it comes to capitalism, Canada's got the snowflake variety.

But that journalists don't do easy checks is interesting.

How is taking away a free donut going to help the bottom line, for instance?

If I were covering the story, I would hang out in the back and see how much food gets thrown out by the franchises and begin to do the math.

And it would be same with every other business that is griping about paying workers more.

Grocery stores throw away meat, produce, and baked goods by the truckload every single day. They do not give that food to food banks, or sell at a discount.

They can afford to throw away meat, meaning animals are being slaughtered for no good reason, but a small hike in salary is going to crush them.

The National Post keeps howling in solidarity, but not doing even basic research, claiming that business owners are being "demonized."

No, they aren't. Being called on the carpet for being a petty snowflake is fair game. If you want to be a businessperson, you have to take criticism, and stop mugging for cameras looking for little trophies to slobber over in a press release.

But Canadian reporters do not know how to cover business and labour news.

For instance, many of the people picketing Tim Hortons are union leaders.

Most people are apathetic and, like a trained monkey, go back to stuff their gullets with bland food.

There are a million angles to cover. Those who are weeping over the pay raise have spewed theory after theory, and those theories are very easy to disprove.

Just look in their dumpsters, for one.

After all, their excuses are garbage.

And the food is even worse...