Man speaks mind; People outraged. Why Twitter is the most boring place on Earth.

Don't you dare speak the truth. Poor Seal. He did not march lock-step with an inaccurate script, and now the world cannot handle it.

He called Oprah Winfrey a hypocrite. Big deal. Most people in Hollywood are big hypocrites. You do not make it in that business unless you are.

Harvey Weinstein's swinishness was an open secret, yet we are supposed to support a revisionist history and applaud everyone who now is using #MeToo as a platform to generate some good press.


#MeToo does not now mean women get a Get Out of Being Called Out On The Carpet For Eternity Card.

Sorry, but you cannot place one backside on two chairs and sit.

If you like Oprah, by all means, like her. For the record, I am not impressed with someone who has given a platform to literary grifters and bad science. Her wealth is her own.

I don't go on social media to slag people who are impressed with her. Waste your life however way you wish.

But for those who are not impressed by Oprah, they are allowed to state their distaste for her methods. It is a legitimate grievance.

Mind you, it is not an Oprah problem, but a systemic rig that Hollywood has that rewards certain behaviours over others.

Hollywood created the Kardashians, and that's enough for me to find other ways to amuse myself. It thrives on sucker circuses and freak shows. It glorified sexploitation and jiggle flicks. It made violence noble and dysfunctional mindsets to be the gold standard. It made false promises to little girls as it created narratives that justified deception and dishonesty.

Hollywood is full of hypocrites. So one singer points out one and the world loses its collective mind.

Get over yourselves.

Twitter has become the place where people turn into helmet-hair blue rinses who wear white pantyhose and then moralize to people who do not buy their sermons.

How very boring.

Here's hoping 2018 brings real controversial ideas to snap those preachy duds right out of their slumber...