It's just war propaganda: The REAL Story Behind TIME's President Trump 'Year One' Cover.

Time magazine can prattle all it wants. trump-yearone

They are now out and out war propagandists.

The image is pure agitprop, nothing more.


It adds nothing to a discourse, and is only used to incite irrationality.

(See photograph of Laura Hale's answer to How do American people feel when they see anti-USA propaganda? on Quora)

But Time magazine has had a long track record of being more propagandist's vehicle than real news source.

This is not journalism. It's extremism.

What I find interesting is that the US media is beginning to attack itself, the way the Soviets attacked Americans during the Cold War.


American journalists need not blame the Russians for polluting the information stream.

They are the polluters themselves.

They should at least own up to it.