When an organization is beyond the group it fights for.

For all the rot in journalism, the Freedom of the Press Foundation is a good idea fighting for a dead profession. 2000px-Freedom_of_the_Press_Foundation_logo.svg

SecureDrop is an important and effective tool, but one of its architects, James Dolan, has died.

Freedom of the Press Foundation is relatively new, from 2012, but its ideals were great for an idealized version of journalism, that has not existed for a very long time.

It would be far better off changing its mandate because right now, there is a serious information vacuum in the world.

It needs to fight for press discipline far more than just freedom.

The rights of the press are always needed, but so are its responsibilities.

Idealism is wonderful, and I am an idealist, but without realism, you've lost the war.

And these are very dangerous and ignorant times we live in.