National Post's narrative of Snowflake Capitalists.

Boo hoo. How sad.

According to the National Post, Canada has incompetent capitalists who cannot endure increasing the minimum wage.

Snowflake capitalists.

And it is up to the Post to play superhero and save them from themselves.

Apparently, robber barons need to have many Mercedes in the driveways, even if it means workers have to be perpetually poor and take the bus to work.

Minimum wage workers have to support their bosses by living like paupers.

The National Post's narrative is childish.

Capitalism has a rig that rewards hoarders: they have to grab all of the profits for themselves, as they starve those who bring them wealth.

Address that rig and society could actually flourish.

I am no fan of the Wynne regime, but seriously, with housing prices soaring in this province...utilities skyrocketing, and taxes ever increasing, not increasing the minimum wage will make working poor the working destitute.

Corporations should just shut up. They can afford to pay their workers much more.

They can afford to hire more full-time workers. They can afford to give them benefits. They can afford to train them properly.

No one is owed a mansion. Work hard to earn it, but know that once your workers are poor, your business acumen stops there.

In the same newspaper, it crows that Amazon robber baron Jeff Bezos is worth $100 BILLION.

And yet, globally, their workers are very poor and overworked.

Why is one man allowed to make $100 billion on the backs of his workers? That's not capitalism.

That's tyranny.

And National Post is howling because people might take home a little bit of money?

What about keeping up at the price of inflation?

But do not expect journalists to push for wage reform: journalists are very poorly paid, and media outlets are notorious for exploiting their workforce, wanting people to work for free.

But those owners still drive expensive cars and live in very tony neighbourhoods in beautiful homes.

Let us stop pretending that $15 an hour is a big deal.

Colleges have 80% of their professors working part-time; so having graduate degrees means nothing. We have allowed some people to flourish at the expense of others.

That is not capitalism.

That is snowflake capitalism: treating billionaires as special needs who get government money to impede their workers, as they are giving special laws to make a buck.

Businesses have had more rigs in their favour than their workers ever did.

And now that one province has one rig in favour of workers, the temper tantrums have exploded.

Shame on every person who wants people to stay poor.

You are very, very disturbed.

If a businessperson cannot make it work when they have gotten away with price fixing (hello, Loblaw!), corporate welfare, and weak labour laws, they have no business being in business.

You cannot allow hoarding because there will be no end to the demands.

People have to make ends meet renting out their rooms, selling their things, and using their leased car as a taxi.

How sad.

How pathetic.

Enough. If you cannot afford to pay your workers a livable wage, you are not business owner.

You are a snowflake.

And the world does not need another snowflake capitalist...

By the way...

If journalists were doing their jobs, they really ought to take pictures of the houses of those robber barons griping about the minimum wage hike versus those of minimum wage workers and compare them for the world to see...