Memo to Catherine Deneuve: If you do not know the difference between flirting and sexual harassment, you should not be running loose on the streets.

Catherine Deneuve needs lessons in reality. There is no "puritanism" threat with #MeToo.

Women do not want to be used as human toilets on the job. They do not want to be abused on the job.

But abuse has become such a way of life, that you have people panicking because the destructive cultural aspects of humanity are being addressed.

This is classic case of ignorance. Learn the difference between love and hate, Ms. Deneuve. Flirting is the seeds of love.

Sexual harassment plants seeds of fear, hate, and abuse.

No boss should terrorize workers. They deliberately use something as intimate as sex to do it; so that their prey can no longer feel freedom in love ever again.

Get your facts straight before you defend men who are adults and are capable of being grown-ups who do not need your meddling.

Hate crimes are not sex. Period.