Internet's descent into tyranny: Fact-check is the new Censorship.

It was inevitable. You allow Internet's robber baron's to be super-rich, they become tyrants. They have become control freaks of the worst sort.

"Fact check" has nothing to do with checking facts or information verification.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter have decided to play Daddy to the world.

It is the oppression of opinion.

Or, censorship.

When you do away with the gate-keeper as social media did, it destroyed journalism.

And they were fine with that.

When destructive ideologies became normalized, such as pro-ana, anti-vacc, and terrorism, they shrugged their shoulders.

But when opinions that ran counter to the robber barons, well then, let's force everyone to think alike and censor opinion.

Not fact, but opinion.

Good luck with that.

People do not listen to authorities. Did you listen to your parents or teachers when they told you to stay chaste and not drink?

Oh, I bet you did as you mocked your parents for being oblivious squares.

Far from discouraging forbidden fruit ideology, social media just entrenched it.

Well played, children.

Making the same mistakes as traditional media, children?

The Stasi had people spying on their family members.

They struck out, too.

Information verification is needed. The Big Three are not the venues for it.

It is why the Internet is going to see its fortunes dwindle.

Because they do not know history.

They honestly believe Big Data can save them.

It didn't save communist and fascist countries that had dirt on every citizen.

The dictators still fell. Those systems failed.

People put up with things for a while, only for a while. They indulge their robber barons until the day they don't. Propaganda works to a point. Censorship works to a point.

And then people just implode.

And then explode and go looking for a new saviour.

The Internet failed to live up to certain promises. All the knowledge was a click away, and that access to the whole world was supposed to make people rich and famous.

And then it failed.

Disillusionment sets in little by little, until people no longer have a use for it, and look elsewhere.

No algorithm can beat human nature. People risk jail, torture, and death sentences to do what they want.

We still need truth and reality. We still need facts.

We just need a better method to get them and disseminate them.

And in that regard, we have a long way to go.