Google Fact Checks are useless: Why a search engine has no place in checking facts. They cannot even get me right.

Google is playing fact-checker. LI_TRk1z_400x400.jpg

They have no idea what they are doing.

There have been claims Google is just bullying people on the Right, but it goes further than this.

They have no qualifications to fact check anything.

Because if they had a clue, most news articles would be flagged.

It is deferring to those who have no true credentials in information verification, for instance.

Google also has its own big problems in getting facts right on their own site.

I can even use myself as an example.

Google "Alexandra Kitty" for instance, this website does not crop up first.

It should because it's mine, and I am the sole author of it. It is my base of operations, after all.

My articles do not show up high on the list. Skeptic and Maisonneuve still have my work, and it is not easy to come by.

Disinfo has an excerpt of my first book that doesn't always show up as well.

My books also don't always show up at all.

And then there is the always error-prone side bar about me.

I have four books published. Google can never get them straight. I have even sent feedback to them multiple times, but they always have to mess it up.

Sometimes they have a picture of me, now they do not.

I have had problems with Google for years.

Some articles that had mentioned me no longer show up in their news archives.

Important sites are ranked lower than ones that are trivial.

So they do not actually have a functional system.

Other search engines are not so wonky when it comes to telling the world who is Alexandra Kitty.

Google is sloppy, and yet it was to be authoritative when it comes to fact-checking.

A search engine is not the forum for information verification because it is not up to them to play hall monitor.

It is up to media outlets to do that.

And Google is not something that has the experience, skills, and specific resources.

It cannot be all things to all people.

It will lose its credibility in the bargain if people feel it is skewed.

It has no track record of being an expert in information, and it shows.

It is merely a filing cabinet the brings you the files you are looking for.

And it should remember that.