Why Project Syndicate just doesn't get it. Journalism is dead. It cannot be made "great again." It is time for a new form of information gathering.

Project Syndicate is not going to save journalism. pswhite

Because no one in the industry seems to get it.

Alexandra Borchardt's article Making Journalism Great Again shows precisely why journalism and its educators really should just bow out...or be forced out.

Her article reminds me of Hagar the Horrible's Lucky Eddie: a poor sap who keeps serving the same old fish to the vikings who are sick of it. Eddie tries to make fish balls, fish donuts, fish triangles...never getting that the shape is not important, it's what's the main and only ingredient that is making people retch.

Journalism was never great to begin with. It was always sloppy and undisciplined. It was never precise or scientific.

That's the main reason it collapsed.

So for Borchardt's talking points, they are all useless. None of those suggestions will make a dent.

But at least Lucky Eddie served fish. What journalism is serving over and over again is cyanide.

The cooks in the profession are willing to make cyanide balls, cyanide donuts, cyanide cubes, cyanide triangles...but if someone like me should point out that it is the cyanide that is killing people, I will get dismissed as those in the profession deny that the cyanide is a bad thing.

That sloppy method was acceptable when people were too primitive and confined to know better, but now, there is no excuse.

There is no excuse for someone from the Reuters Institute to write such an article.

Get rid of the cyanide.

You need new blood and new methods. You need a different form of journalism that has no resemblance to the old. You need to teach different courses that have no resemblance to the old methods of teaching.

Everything is rotten and toxic. Every single thing about journalism education is rotten.

Start again. From scratch.

And stay away from the cyanide...