Steve Bannon, don't hit yourself on the way out.

Oh, he is so out. He was said to have quit Breitbart, but there was no way they could have kept him.

He was many journalists' secret envy: the guy in the media who plays kingmaker and makes it all the way up to the White House.

He was never a kingmaker. He was a pawn. He bought his own hype, and now he is in exile.

Just because you cover politics, doesn't make you a better politician than the politicians, even the neophytes. It is akin to someone who cleans up the messes of an artist, and then thinks he'd make a superior painter.

It doesn't.

The press bought his hype, too. They built him up and then he could no longer live up to the myth.

First Trump fired him. Then Bannon's sugar mommy cut him loose. Finally, Breitbart is no longer signing his pay checks.

Journalists -- the traditional ones, and the agitprop variety -- shouldn't be in politics. In Canada, they have been appointed senators with very bad results. Many former journalists run for public office on all three levels. They are not the best of politicians. It makes every story you have ever done suspect.

His final loss should come as no surprise. He won a few image battles with the press, but in the war of reality, he lost.