Narcissism and why journalism failed.

The Atlantic Journalism Awards has decided to gloss over inconvenient truths and award its own yet another accolade, a Journalism Hall of Fame. atlantic-journalism-awards-FR_21282.jpg

Announced via press release, no less.

When narcissism took over the profession, everything about the profession rotted away.

It is always about the paper crowns, never about finding the weaknesses and then fixing, improving, or overhauling the product.

With reporters in Canada losing their jobs in droves, and with media outlets falling like flies, the last thing Canadian journalism needs is another accolade.

What for?

You've done nothing to save the profession or improve it over time.

Stop stroking your own rancid egos and acknowledge you have made a colossal mess of the profession.

But that takes an eye for reality, and a humble work ethic, and journalism has long ago abandoned modesty for bragging over its own corpse.