Is #MeToo about women's rights? It never was. It was about Donald Trump and the Golden Globes showed its ugly side.

I admire Rose McGowan. golden-globes-logo

Of all the people in this #MeToo cluster, only she and Rowan Farrow can be considered heroes.

She called the Golden Globes farces "fakery", and of course, she is right.

It was a childish high school play with absolutely no connect to reality.

Symbolism of wearing black? Gee, what a sacrifice.

And what bothers me the most, isn't that McGowan wasn't invited or acknowledged, but that for years, all those same people knew what happened, and said nothing.

It was just fine to abuse women, and then suddenly, it was finally acknowledged that it was a vile and cowardly thing to do.

So how did the evening end? With Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey demanding that those in power do something to make it up to McGowan?

Don't be silly: it was just the right time to try to run for president!

Revealing that #MeToo was never about women's rights: it was, as I have always maintained a war gambit to get back at Trump.

So if Trump wasn't elected, Weinstein and his ilk would have never been made accountable for their sins.

It would have been okay to abuse women.

But now that he is the president, we have to turn women into pawns in some big game of war.

Nice try.

Opportunists will always be opportunists. They will never truly feel empathy toward people who were harmed by others. They are always looking for a way to benefit at someone else's expense.

Those actresses should have skipped the farce of that pseudo-ceremony and lobbied various levels of government, demanding change in the laws.

That would have been a good first step.

Bringing in Rose McGowan would have also been the moral thing to do.

But even when women's troubles are being exposed, there is always an agenda to finagle something more, turning women into pawns, not seeing them as human beings. #MeToo is a feint and a misdirection now.

And it is about to get even worse. If it hasn't been hijacked already, it's coming.