For an interesting and accurate take on why journalism has become distrusted...

The Scotsman's Darren McGarvey has an excellent column worth reading. The-Scotsman-logo

It is a must-read for anyone wondering about the heart of the profession's collapse in North America.

He says it best:

When you are living in a constant state of dysfunction, the mere suggestion there may be a problem can seem misguided, accusatory and deeply offensive. In truth, you are often the last one to realise, accept and do something about it.

Very rarely do people in the industry see their own problems as they are, and while there are far too few McGarvey's left, he is right on the money.

Journalists truly have no one to blame but their own self-entitled hubris for their demise, at least in North America. They have always howled and thrown temper tantrums when people point out that they are making serious errors in judgement, even when they get off burying people who do the same.

It is not as if there aren't people who see the problems, but those people are rarities.

I do my best to post out the problems that I have spent my entire adult life studying and seeing up close, but I am one person.

Kudos to McGarvey for telling it like it is.