We reward misogyny and gynophobia. In 2018. Do not pretend we are an enlightened species. Let's come to grips with overhauling the rewards system because it is long overdue.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) regrets banning Harvey Weinstein blares the headline. Oscars-new-logo-and-statue-620x359

The people that waste your leisure time with gynophobic propaganda are in a tizzy because they have been outed as people whose testosterone cannot handle estrogen.

The Oscars always rewarded sexist films. They altered people's ideals and fantasy-life with very destructive ideas. Women should be anorexic. They should be helpless and very loose. They should be short-sighted, conniving, vapid, and obsessed with finding some guy to marry them.

They should cry a lot and wallow in self-pity. They shouldn't get to speak too many lines, but have loads of plastic surgery. There is not a single feminist movie that came out of Hollywood. Wonder Woman was covert misogyny and do not expect me to applaud that. I am not naive.

Anyone who thinks Thelma and Louise was a feminist movie is naive, however. Remember, our two protagonists drove off a cliff at the end.

Punish the little ladies has always been the way of Hollywood.

And then they get to give out Oscars to the films that reinforce this kind of nerdish and sexist arrogance.

The Oscars mean nothing. It is advertising to squeeze out a few more million dollars for a picture.

It is a rewards system, and now it has been exposed as such, the rich white boys club of the industry is having a meltdown.

But Canada can have no virtuous airs, either.


Because the Canadian government has been funding misogyny for years.

Soulpepper, a hotbed for sexual harassment got millions of dollars from the Canada Council for the Arts.

The Toronto Arts Council also gave them posh welfare money.

That's taxpayer money. That's people working minimum wage money to fund a boor and give him a make pretend title and job to terror women working in that hellhole as the airheads parrot whatever praise the little press release dictates to them.

They do not fund feminist works. They would not know a feminist if they woke up in bed next to one.

Like AMPAS, government funding agencies go out of their way to reward sexist and archaic drivel at the expense of better quality projects. They like nepotism as well. It is as dysfunctional and unscientific as one can get, but people will be looking for those labels when deciding what movie, book, or play to see.

When those labels are actually warning labels not to touch that toxic product with a ten-foot poll.

We should be rewarding controversial, experimental, daring, and intelligent works that are sensitive, constructive, and force us not to rely on scripts in lieu of actual independent and critical thinking.

It is a form of subtle indoctrination: if the dreck got a grant or an an award, it has to be good, right?


It is not divine decree.

Deal with it.

#MeToo has not stopped the abuse, and there are women in the communications and entertainment industries who are terrified of a backlash.

Of course there will be a backlash, but that does not stop you from fighting on or fighting back.

Journalism failed women. Hollywood failed women. It is the reason I will not give Hollywood a penny of my money or a second of my time.

Women have to start becoming visionaries, creators, and innovators outside the status quo for once and for all. Hollywood is a beast, but it can be starved into submission.

Stop indoctrinating little girls into thinking that being a movie star means anything. It is all a lie.

Let her learn to create her own path.