Memo to Time: Appealing to Hollywood movies does not mean that journalism matters. Journalism is about truth and reality, not propagandistic fantasy.

The movie The Post is the bookend to an era in Western Journalism. ThePost_1

Journalism's descent into oblivion began with the movie All the President's Men.

And it now it ends with The Post.

But Time magazine is trying to use a movie to persuade people to buy their very poor quality magazine.

A movie proves absolutely nothing. It is spin that is loosely based on a more complicated and fragmented truth than what appears on a flickering screen.

All the President's Men should have been a documentary, not a movie. I have said it before, but let me say it again: it romanticized the profession, which is not good when it is a profession that is all about reflecting truth and reality, not someone else's dogma.

I wonder how many reporters hear dramatic music in their heads when they are covering a story with their own soundtrack, missing every other red flag as they work.

And it attracted too many narcissists into the profession, killing the industry.

And Time magazine should be very ashamed of themselves: they have to leave it up to the sexual harassers' and the misogynistic paradise of Hollywood to explain to the little people why journalism is important.

Because nothing Time has done in all these decades is going to show it.

Really, Time? You have to appeal to movies to make your case?

A movie that depicts something that happened decades ago?

This is the reason journalism died: journalists are pathological appealers: always deferring to other people because they have nothing to stand on.


No journalist would tell people to watch a movie to show why it matters. Not only is it patronizing, it means their own cupboard is bare.

The journalists who went into the profession because of a movie never grew up or learned anything.

They never learned that those who craft movies are not chroniclers of reality and are not historians.

Journalism has always had an obsession with Hollywood fantasies.

And that fantasy killed the dream.

And proves why we are living in the Dark Ages in our current reality.